Managing Your Annuity

Longer held assets like annuities can easily shift to lower-than-market interest in the constantly changing economic environment. As consumers we can often miss the nuances in concepts like interest, but there is a huge difference between interest earned with insurance company annuities and interest earned at banks.

Managing your AnnuityBanks use the Federal Reserve Discount Rate as a reference point for interest, which is volatile in the sense it will raise and lower generally several times during the course of a year. As these rates change so will bank interest rates and mortgage rates for home financing.

Insurance companies use the 10 Year US Treasury yield when setting their crediting rate. The Treasury rate is always based on long term yield and is not affected by the Federal Reserve Discount Rate.

Annuity And Investment Report.

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Take an active management role with your annuity so you can earn the highest level of interest possible.

As consumers, we want the highest rate we can earn. When interest rates increase, it is natural to compare your current annuity earnings with the other available options, and want to make a change. Because even older annuities may still have a surrender penalty in place, it can be confusing to figure out how to move your money to a higher rate of interest and not lose any of your account to surrender fees.